Getting Thit Done

Yes, you heard me. Thit. 

I worked in the garden most of the day. Gotta get plants moved before the raiins set in for the winter. Need to put down compost. Most importantly, I need to get things put away so that I’m not disgusted by the whole mess when I go out in the spring. 

I decided not to move the dogwood from the front yard. I’m putting in a raised bed garden there. I was going to use it as a victory garden, but I decided to move the plants from the back yard out there. Then, I’ll use the back yard as a victory garden. So moving plants is the main priority. That, plus cleaning up all the excess piles of strangeness that have appeared in the back since I moved in 4 years ago. Already two trips to the dump in the last two months. 

At any rate, I’m tired and sore. I made saurkraut, spare ribs, and mashed potatoes for dinner. It was awesome. I would kill for a piece of apple pie, but I haven’t got my thit quite together enough to have made that. Maybe tomorrrow, when I’m not working, sewing, voting, or sleeping. Sigh.


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