The Chiropractic Prints!

Finally, I’m back from my blog sabbatical.

My faaabulous Chiropractor not only crunches my bones around, but he also hands over the best loot.  Here are the nifty things he gave me (as if the turkey wings weren’t cool enough).

These are crappy photos, and there’s a really neat artifact in one of these that you can’t see here. I’ll try to update this later wth more details.

With the skin on

With the flesh on

With out the skin

Without the flesh


2 Responses to “The Chiropractic Prints!”

  1. Hi Great picture of your backbones. Looks pretty straight to me. Did you have an Owaa?

  2. madmaxine Says:

    Hey! Those are vintage pictures that were found in an old house somewhere. They’re actually pictures of pictures mounted in frames and glass. One of them was taken while a fly was sitting on the original photo, and it’s creepy to see it there in the frame.

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