Holy Crap, it’s been a While

I suppose I should post something. I’ve been busy, as usual. Just returned from Burning Man, and have re-started work on the utility porch remodel. The house is a disaster inside and out, but progress is being made. And I’m alive.  And it’s fall. Those are good things.

Well, back to work.


3 Responses to “Holy Crap, it’s been a While”

  1. madmaxine Says:

    The porch remodel is 75% complete. It is now the only insulated room in the house. New windows are needed. A few bits of paneling need installation. But we have access to the water heater and about 50 cubic feet of space that we didn’t have before.

    And the pile of lumber is out of the living room. YAY!

    • This is for Steampunk, as I am so new here and have no idea how to contact you personally.
      Do you still have the Goodwill Samovar?
      If YES, I hope you did not do anything to it!
      If you still have it, what is stamp/marking on the front of “base” of samovar? You posted pretty nice picture of “stamp” on the cover. It should be something on the base and I hope it is in good shape too.
      Thank you.

      • See Alexander’s post in the comments thread for the Samovar. He describes the stamps and origin very well. There are no visible stamps on the base. Other than attempting to polish the brass and remove the lime deposits, we have not modified it. It sits happily in our kitchen, unused until I can get it re-tinned.

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