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Man, I really suck at this

Posted in Costumes, Crochet on December 31, 2010 by madmaxine

What I suck at is blog posting. Life gets in the way, I guess.

Well, let’s see. Work has been either crazy busy or horribly slow. Fortunately, creativity has been at an all-time high, and I’m working on keeping that going.

I admit to being a crochet addict. I picked up crochet again a few months ago (back in June, even), and I have found that I “get it” this time. Last time I tried it was around 25 years ago as a teenager, and I never really went anywhere with it then.

Now, there are so many free (and not free) patterns on the internet that I will never be bored again. Don’t even get me started on the awesome books that are available. Just wow. And yarn is easier to get than ever. I’m a complete sucker for this stuff.

I made this kitty from a pattern I got on Etsy

^first instance of me using tinyurl EVAR, btw.

And I’m working on some stuff from this fantastic book:

Like this snazzy vest

And I found a great book that shows an interesting overview of some of the more complicated forms of crochet that are out there. I can think of about 3 huge projects I’d like to do that involves fusing about 4 different styles of crochet from this book:

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hours in a life.