A Little Overview About Me


It’s always strange writing about who I am. I guess I can be best summarized as a scientist of sorts. I used to dig dinosaurs and fossil sharks. I used to play with scanning electron microscopes and shark teeth to determine how some old, now extinct, sharks were related to modern sharks. I got to hang out with the people who found Sue the Tyrannosaurus. While I was doing all that, I got the equivalent of a minor in art (art metals, in particular) and almost one in German. 

Now I suck air through little filters in industrial settings, use strange electronic instruments to monitor air quality, and conduct investigations of various sorts in both relatively clean and fantastically dirty buildings. All in the name of keeping people healthy in their work places and homes. It’s kind of fun. I’m still trying to figure out whether I should get certified to do what I do, but I may veer off and do something similarly related. 

Some of the other things I do include:

  • maintaining my home and garden;
  • working on cars, mopeds, and bicycles;
  • playing the musical saw (a recent aquisition);
  • making costumes;
  • playing with microscopes (admittedly, I would like to do waaaay more of this than I currently do); and
  • inventing and/or tinkering with stuff. 

I’ve recently become interested in alternative sources of energy so that I can power a few things around the house. As such, I’ve started a few projects. My favorite is a Savonius wind turbine that I have done up in wood, metal, and canvas. It’s still a work in progress (as is EVERYTHING I work on). I’m waiting to install it in its final resting place until after the pathetic developers two lots down finish building the awful townhomes I’m pretty sure they’re going to put in place of the neat old farm house that once stood on that lot. In the mean time, the prototype is in storage for the winter in the messy disaster that is my yard.


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