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FUCK YOU GM!! (a rant)

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , on December 8, 2008 by madmaxine

Dear GM:

You built an awesome electric car back in the late 90’s, then pulled it off the market, shredded it, and hid the plans. Now you want my taxpayer dollars to save your fat, ugly, Hummer-building ass? Are you nuts? What part of “FUCK YOU” do you have a problem understanding?

Did you really think your pathetic apology ad would actually win over the hearts of Americans after they’ve spent years driving your shoddy fleet vehicles? After you flew in your corporate jet to Washington DC with NO PLAN to save your own ass and then had the balls to actually ask for money? After actually conceptualizing to build something as heinous as the Hummer (I mean, really, even the NAME is horrible)? What a bunch of retards.

If you want ANY support from me and the rest of America at all, you need to bring back this:



The EV1 is the only good thing you’ve come up with since the middle of the last century. That, plus you need to shit-can all of your upper-tier, scumbag executives. Then, maybe I’ll go along with bailing you out,you whiny losers. 

You suck. Seriously. I’m (figuratively) holding my bailout funds ransom until you grow a brain.