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An Ode to Joy

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , on November 5, 2008 by madmaxine

Holy crap. Obama did it! WE did it. I’m beside myself with joy. Thank you, Americans–regardless of your beliefs–thank you all for getting out and VOTING! And for participating in this amazing election. We all deserve this chance to decide our history, and we picked up that chance and ran for it. I am so proud of everyone I met today. 



Okay, I’m a Socialist

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , on October 21, 2008 by madmaxine

To all you crazy people who think that the infrastructure we see around us was built for free and that it is something we’re just entitled to…

To the underpaid “everyman’ who believes that Obama is going to take their money and spread it around, and that McCain is going to make it all better because he’s like your grampy…

To the constitution-thumpers who think the Republican party, champion of the “Patriot Act,” is the party of personal freedom…

To the bible-wavers who think that segregation is the key to maintaining their own rights at the cost of others…

To all the women out there who think Palin is the best thing for women since sliced bread…

And to the rest of you rigteous, bigoted A-holes who want to vote for John McCain because he’s not “a terrorist Ayrab”….

Please, pull your empty heads out of your asses. Do your own research. Stop being blinded by your emotions. The extreme right wing is out to control your minds, destroy your retirement funds, rape our planet, and sanctimoniously remove your personal rights. The right wingers are driving the economic bus, and it’s heading right off a cliff. While the rest of us go down in flames, therich bastards who can afford to work around tax laws walk away from the disaster laughing because your Republican candidate doesn’t want to regulate anybody for any reason. Get a clue.

Oh, and here’s another neat idea: There is no God. No one is going to come down and magically rapture your ass away from this mess. Even if there was a god, do you really believe that your god is going to take a bigoted, judgemental, fear-mongering, greedy, intentionally ignorant, hateful person up to heaven? I thought Christians were supposed to be humble, open-minded, and kind. I’m not impressed by what I’m seeing in America right now, especially from regligious zealots. So, mister and missus god-fearing American, it’s in your best interest to vote for someone (oh… say, Obama) who will work hard make your life better while you’re needlessly waiting to be raptured.

I’m begging you to start thinking for yourself. Please. Vote for someone (hint, not McCain) who won’t die after his first month in office and who actually gives a shit about people instead of money. If your stupid candidate (or his ridicuous vice president) becomes president, no matter how bad things get here, those of us unfortunate enough to live through all the resultant strife are all going to be around to watch it. And those of us who actually give a shit about real social issues are going to be really, really pissed off. Again. You’d better have some answers.


If anyone can tell me where this marvelous poster came from, I'd be thankful.

Please, tell me where this marvelous poster came from!