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More garden progress

Posted in Home and Garden with tags , on January 24, 2010 by madmaxine

Today was another lovely day. I got the back yard and flower beds weeded. Compost is distributed throughout. Several potted plants were put where they belong (in the ground). All the roses are pruned (OUCH!). Sidewalks and such are swept. I’m sore, but pleased.


Posted in Random Stuff with tags , , , on January 19, 2010 by madmaxine

A brief respite from winter came today and yesterday. Amazingly, I was called to work in the field (outdoors!) for both days. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Spring fever is upon me and, apparently, ┬áit is also upon the two honey bees (I know, right!) that nearly collided with my head today.

The daylight hours were clinched by the scoring of a large birdbath from Lucca Statuary during its last days on earth (I’m both happy and sad about the score). Also, I got the front raised bed garden weeded just before it got too damn dark to see what I was doing. I pruned things last weekend, and that was nice too. I suspect the cold weather will return, but I’m enjoying the mild days while I can.

Other things in the works include massive sewing projects, Burning Man mutant bicycle plans, and researching home remodeling (putting in a basement and some general improvements). Professionally speaking, I’m looking to get LEED AP accreditation within the next six months. I dunno how all that will sort out, but I’m sure it either will or it won’t. Needless to say, as usual, I’m not bored.